Making a financial difference


I would like to express my gratitude for your excellent work in regard to financial matters on my behalf. – Said Mozaffaruddin


We have just done a site visit to the new house we purchased as an investment through Concepts & Results. This is the first time that we have seen the completed house. Can you please pass on to Philip that we are very happy indeed with the finished product. The total package exceeds our expectations. – Alex & Donna Williams


Phillip, Just some feedback re my dealings with Nadia. You really have a gem there. She is great to deal with, very thorough and make the whole process very comfortable and clear. –  Cheers Tony Gauci

We appreciate the fact that all our personal and business dealings can be attended to at the same office.

Concepts & Results are the complete package in the services they supply, and helping you achieve the goals. Both Phillip and his staff are all very approachable and are available to negotiate and arrange everything from loan facilities to taxation advice.

Although our journey wasn’t started early in our working lives, we recognized the benefits of having a lifetime plan and an end goal, and with this in mind we have encouraged other family members to become involved with a financial plan for their futures, much much earlier.

Thank you to Phillip and Concepts in helping to achieve results. The girls at Concepts are soooo!! wonderful and really very special people, bringing a familiar feel to our encounters. – Roger & Sue Doherty

Phillip and his team at Concepts & Results have helped us take control of our financial future.
We would happily recommend them to others. – Helen Jeges

Concepts & Results are really maximising our opportunities by tailoring strategies to suit our own goals.

Providing advice and guidance on everything from taxation to investments, insurance and budgeting.

From the start they made financial planning easy for us to understand, implement and review.

For each strategy a range of potential projects were presented to us.

This guided us to successfully navigate the setting up and implementation of our SMSF. Now we are in control of our investments and tax effective opportunities, which we had no opportunity to execute with previous ‘established’ funds. – Ivan Cook


Phillip, Having known you for many many years, really from when you got your first start from Newel Lock, I have always found that you set the standards that both your business and your staff work towards achieving and that is, having time to talk, listen and then work towards the best strategy that suits my needs.

You now continue the same principles with both my sons and their families. It is such a pleasure to call you or your staff knowing that you are going to receive a happy understanding and helpful person that demonstrates care in whatever advice I am seeking.

You are certainly a business friend. – Kevin Mitchell


Concepts & Results has helped us remain focused on our investment plans and work towards our lifestyle and future income needs. As we enter semi retirement in our mid to late 50’s it is comforting to know that we will be able to financially support ourselves when our employment ceases. – Roger & Liz Berry


I find C & R very helpful and friendly. They go that extra step to help you with your business. Their professionalism in helping you in all areas of investments, paying less tax or even expanding your business is second to none. – Colin Round


Phillip has broad experience and deep understanding of how to structure and manage tailored personal & SMSF investments. If you’re looking for options tailored to your requirements or assistance with cost effective implementation, I’d recommend speaking to Phillip and his team – Alex Perrett


Phillip has a wealth of knowledge in Strategic Investment and Tax Laws where he has provided various investment strategies to accommodate our needs and budget at each particular stage of our journey in creating personal wealth.

Phillip and his team at Concepts and Results provide a great service, are always readily available when required and come highly recommended. – Brandon Truong


Concepts and Results have been my financial adviser and accountants for the past 7 years now. I have trusted them with my accounts both personal and business and to date been very happy with the results not to mention the advice I received.

As my life changes I am now in a position where trusted advise will become even more important so I have no hesitation in placing that trust in C&R’s hands.

In the past my accountant has always acted as instructed and this led to a miss trust that my interests were really being looked after to the best of his ability. I have been in C&R’s firing line if they disagree with my instructions or direction, lucky for me I was able to see that my best interests were in fact being looked after by Phil.

My partner and I have felt welcomed and at east with the team at C&R, being a gay couple can sometimes lead to discrimination, this has never been the case at C&R and we thank them for their understanding and acceptance. – Stephen Bullas & Iming Chan


The meeting and subsequent advice and support we have received from Concepts and Results has been quite dramatic in the way it has changed our lives.

At the time our cash flow was struggling to keep pace with our lifestyle and financial commitments and we had received a variety of views from financial planners, tax agents and lending bodies with no clear path for our financial future.

I am pleased to say that Concepts & Results changed that and brought it all together in a cohesive and structured plan that detailed the actions required to move forward in pursuit of financial security.
In the short space of 18 months, we have, reduced our personal debt significantly, increased our cash flow, acquired a portfolio of equity investments, sold and purchased investment property, reduced all bank loans by 0.75% off the market rate, commenced a share trading business, and committed to ongoing financial education. And the best part about the above achievements is that we have only just begun to explore the potential opportunities that exist.
We certainly made the right decision by putting our trust in you and allowing you to challenge us with the possibilities. Thank you for changing or lives and putting us in control of our financial destiny. – Craig Rutledge


We like the way Phillip speaks clearly and straight to the point, and answers all questions in a way that makes it easy to understand.

It is evident that Phillip believes in what he is doing, speaking with passion and purpose.

All staff members we have dealt with have been extremely professional, courteous and quick to respond with whatever assistance is needed. – David & Heather Hollingsworth


I have work with Phillip on previous occasions and have found Phillip to be an astute professional.

His knowledge of wealth creation, property development and Taxation has been invaluable to my business and my property portfolio. Highly recommend – Frank Sottile CEO Prowatch Security


“Phillip’s contribution to our clients has been invaluable, the depth of his knowledge and implementation of his strategies are second to none.” – Gordon Rutty – Lifecorp Pty Ltd


“Philip has a good understanding of the high level financial situation of any client, and makes practical, achievable and understandable recommendations to improve their financial situation.” – Philip Sulman Accountant Philip Sulman & Associates


I have engaged Phillips and Concepts and Results services for the past 20 years and have always been impressed by their professionalism and thoroughness in all that I require. I have found them innovative, up to date with market trends and I have always appreciated the fact that they understand my business desires. – Graeme Hill


Dear Phillip,

Thank you for the time you took last week to meet with me and conduct our annual review. As I said to you in person, I always leave your office with such renewed spirit and optimism. I really appreciate your words of advice and encouragement. Thank you.

Phillip I also wanted to mention to you how brilliant your staff are. You probably know that already, however I know in running my own business that clients don’t often stop to say you’re doing a great job, just that you might be doing a poor one! So I want to say that your staff, in particular Sue, Nadia and Bethany are always so extremely polite and courteous in all my dealings with them. Not to mention patient, kind and understanding. I know that I must be right at the bottom of your list of ‘big’ clients, however you and your staff always make me feel like I’m number one, and I truly appreciate it. In all my dealings with C&R I have only ever had the most professional service imaginable. Everything is made so easy. I only ever feel that I have to tick the box and sign away! Making clients feel good doesn’t require a special skill, it just requires effort, and your staff really do give great effort!

It’s not Christmas or a special occasion, but I just want to say thank you to you and your staff for providing me with such a brilliant service. Keep up the great work. – James & Mireille McEniry


Comprehensive service. Friendly, timely, attentive service by all the staff. – Julie Clarke


C&R has presented me with practical investment options that I would have never known abut otherwise.
The staff at C&R are knowledgeable and very helpful.
C&R services are end to end. When we set up my SMSF, they took are of all of the require3d processes and paperwork. – Lynne Coffey


My thoughts are around; your team were patient and flexible in building our plan in line with our levels of confidence (and concerns) of investing for our future. Your ‘package’ offers a diverse range of investment options that we could not find elsewhere. A portfolio inclusive of property, shares in and out of super gives a broad approach to investment.

The team at C&R go the ‘extra mile’ to explain and support you through each step. They make it easy by following you up and explaining everything, when ‘life’ can be a distraction. We are very happy with the advice, and support that Phillip and his team provide. – Kelvin & Helen Bradnam


My husband and I have no hesitation in recommending Concepts and Results, and their approach to Financial Planning. We have been very happy with Phillip as our adviser and the results we are achieving. Phillips friendly support ensures we are comfortable in approaching him with any financial changes/issues we might have. Phillip is always open and honest with his recommendations. We receive regular strategic planning updates which take into account any changes in our circumstances and also the current economic environment, while always referring back to our goals and risk profiles.

All the staff are friendly and approachable, and any questions or issues are always dealt with in an efficient manner. We highly recommend Concepts and Results to anyone wanting to receive quality advice to help ensure their financial future. – Leo & Nicole Young (Clients since 2000)


My family and I have been clients of Phillip and his team for a few years now. Phillip is very personable and knowledgeable.

The initial attraction was the fact We were not just engaging a financial advisor but a ” one stop” shop for financial planning which also included taxation advice and preparation, loan brokerage, property investment assistance and more.

Trust was always an extremely important factor to us when we first decided to seek advice and assistance in our financial planning. From the onset we were comfortable with Phillip and he has not let us down. – Matthew Reardon


Phil is a great service provider to family superannuation funds. If you are thinking of running your own super fund you should certainly give Phil a call. Even if you aren’t thinking of it but would like to see how you can use your super to invest in rental properties Phil is your man. – Peter Johnson SMSF Expert CST Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd


“Having worked with Phillip in my capacity as InterPrac’s Practice Development Manager I found him to provide an excellent planning service, fully directed at helping a client achieve their goals and objectives.

Phillip’s strategic planning addresses all aspects of a client’s situation and clearly demonstrates his high level of knowledge and skill by applying complex concepts in a manner that best suits the client’s needs.

All this is complemented by a detailed and proactive ongoing service provided by his team to make sure that any required follow-up is provided in a timely manner.” – Phil Osborne NTAA Advice


We have been clients of C&R since 2008. Our experience of all staff at C&R is one of integrity and professionalism. We are very pleased with the team at C&R and how they have supported us and given advice on our investments and tax matters.

The team is led by Phil, whom we have found to be approachable, accessible and very knowledgeable in setting up and managing our investment portfolio and SMSF.

We have no hesitation in recommending C&R to anyone looking for financial advice to plan for the future. – Susan & Ralph Annunziata  Kerbing Australia


I would like to thank Phil and his staff for the manner they restructured our accounts for our private, business and self managed super fund.

The staff have answered any and all questions in a very professional and timely manner. Thus steering us in a direction that will ensure our profitability and success. We are very happy and satisfied customers. – Rob, Chris & Ben Nobelius Nobelius Land Surveyors Pty Ltd


“Philip has provided me with personal financial advice and support since 2007 with good results in the areas of Tax reduction, SMSF establishment and Strategic Investments” – Robert Vaughan


“I met Phillip many years ago and discovered his personal approach quickly built trust and integrity. Over the years he has built a fantastic firm which has evolved well with staff that adds that spark of personal service.

I would recommend anyone to simply invest some time have a chat with Phillip. Everyone I have sent to Phillip has been happy campers after Phil sorted them out.” – Ross Egerton


Phillip is very knowledgeable and provided sound advice, is always available and used language and concepts that made my financial decisions easy. – Wayne Kelson


“Phillip is more than an accountant .. An Accountant should be more than just good with tax. A good accountant needs to be at the centre of YOUR world. Helping you Make More Money, Pay Less Tax and Build Wealth.” – Robert Vitale


Always found C & R to be professional, prompt and reliable with all our dealings over the past 20 plus years. – Lindsay & Linda Carr


“The newsletter is a great initiative, look forward to reading the future editions.” – S Kennedy


“I have found that Phillip is a highly skilled, personable and thorough Financial Adviser and Strategic Planner. He is very diligent in taking the time to develop a strategic financial plan specifically suited to my individual needs. The results from his plans have been more than satisfactory and of significant financial benefit to me.” – John Newman


“Phillip is an excellent Financial Advisor with expertise in Self Managed Super Funds. I would recommend his services to anyone that is looking to enter the SMSF market.” – SJ


Phillip continues to help & support mutual clients. Giving advice that is in their best interests & without prejudice. I would certainly recommend anyone looking for genuine advise on their finances to Phil.” – Leonard Tiplin Marshall White & Co


“Phillip has always provided really insightful analysis and has not only developed and refined a good investment strategy for me and my family over the years, but also does a great job and keeping us to task when we get distracted with our busy lives. I have already recommended Phil to some of my friends who have also got value out of the relationship.”- Steve Lewis


I have known Phillip Scandizzo in his capacity as my accountant and financial advisor for over twenty-five years. In this time Phil has provided me with sound financial and tax advice and the team at Concepts and Results have always provided a high level of customer service. Phil has guided me via a strategic plan down the path of acquiring an investment property, managed funds and a substantial share portfolio.

More recently with Phil’s advice and expertise I have established an SMSF which has acquired an investment property and a share portfolio. I have recommended Phils services to family and friends and continue to enjoy a financially successful relationship with him after many, many years. Thank you Phil and the team at Concepts for securing abetter financial future for my family and I. Cheers. –  Steve Mitchell


 When Phillip spoke we were immediately struck by the level of enthusiasm and passion he showed when talking about financial goals and planning.

Following this first introduction, we initiated a meeting with Phillip to explore how he could assist us with our own personal planning and goals. This was the start of our journey towards becoming financially independent.

Phillip and his staff, at Concepts & Results, have taught us many things about financial planning and have helped us to put in place various strategies in order to achieve our financial success. Everyone we have dealt with at Concepts & Results have always provided us with an exceptional level of service and have made us feel that we are valued clients.

However it is Phillip’s dynamic approach to financial planning and wealth creation that has inspired us the most. The ongoing training & education has helped us to gain a greater understanding of financial matters. Following on from his strategies we have implemented a number of structures to facilitate our wealth creation program.

Thanks to Phillip and his team at Concepts & Results we have been able to “Fast Track” our position and are now well on the way to financial independence. – Trevor & Rosemary Petrie


Phillip is more than a financial planner and tax expert; he has assisted us in setting up structures and has been a mentor to both my business and private life. Phillip and all at Concepts & Results are always helpful, diligent and treat you like one of their family. We have used other financial planners before, but none even come close to what Phillip offers at all levels. Every time I leave his office I’m charged with large amounts of energy from his educational tips and guidance. – Trevor Petrie 


“I have used Phillip’s services over the years for advice on investments and tax planning and have found him to be very professional and knowledgeable on those subjects.” – Valentino Marinelli


“I have known Phillip Scandizzo for quite a few years and use the financial services of Concepts and Results for all of my companies. The accounting work performed by C&R is always of an excellent standard, the knowledge of tax regulations is detailed and always up to date. I also use Phillip for strategic planning and to manage my investments, he has a detailed knowledge of this area and a commitment to achieving the best results in my portfolio.” – Mike Pelar


We have found Phillip and his team very welcoming, trustworthy and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. They are always available to assist immediately when needed. Concepts & Results have a strong sense of commitment, excellent work ethic, very eager to share their knowledge, one example is by holding workshops classes for their clients and making sure that everyone have an understanding of their current/future financial plan as well as their quarterly newsletter.

In our situation:- Concepts  Results have made sound decisions in regards to our future and without their assistance we would not have been able to plan for our future retirement. We have without hesitation recommended C&R to our families and friends, some are now clients of C&R. We have the ultimate respect and appreciation for Phillip and his staff. – Wayne & Catherine Wood