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Perfect Match

Xero Accounting System Designed For

The Smart Back Office

Concepts & Results continually researches and tests the apps and web-based tools that integrate with Xero to provide small businesses with a seamless, integrated financial management function.

  • Bill Payment
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Expense Management
  • Billing, Collections & Cash Flow
  • KPIs & Scorecards

Building a Smart Back Office ensures you get more relevant data into your Xero accounting system, more quickly and with fewer errors than manual processes. This adds up to more meaningful, accurate and timely information with a lower total cost of your accounting function.

For businesses looking to radically streamline and improve their accounting — The Smart Back Office is yet another gift from today’s technological advancements.

Given today’s technology, which businesses of all sizes are racing to integrate, it’s never been a better time in history to be a small business. A Smart Back Office levels the playing field for small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

Businesses that can integrate and take full advantage of technology quickly will reap rewards not just from streamlined operations but enhanced financial intelligence as well.

That’s a major advantage that small businesses didn’t have in years past. To learn about how to take advantage of what’s available to your business in this day and age, call us at Concepts & Results and see how you can implement A Smart Back Office.


Many businesses are transitioning to outsourced bookkeeping or accounting services as a more cost-effective, efficient and viable alternative to an in-house bookkeeper or accountant. The cost of outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting makes it easier to budget and helps remove the burden of hiring, managing, retaining and training staff.

We can help alleviate some of the stress from having to hire a bookkeeper by serving as your outsourced advanced bookkeeping and accounting department. Our outstanding client service is provided by our dedicated team of a bookkeeper, staff accountant and business coach that do all the heavy lifting for you whilst providing you with the expertise your business needs to run smoothly, improve cash flow, increase profits and provide you opportunities to build your wealth and lifestyle.

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