A bit about us

The business was founded in 1987 while Phillip and Ann Scandizzo, husband and wife team were still completing their bachelor of business degrees at university. Building a client base of high net worth individuals working in the entertainment, sports and consulting industries provided them a solid foundation in the  establishment of legal structures to accumulate valuable assets. 

The combination of assets, structures and lucrative tax deductions provided these clients a way to control and manage their tax obligations while their incomes remained relatively high. From this, the firm established an extensive list of tax planning strategies that are now packaged up in the exclusive Tax Optimisation Model. Clients can have a Tax Session with us and explore the many strategies.

So you want to...

Pay less tax, make more money & build wealth

Then you have come to the right place!

Here at Concepts & Results we have a program called "TOM" the Tax Optimisation Model.

If you're earning good money and you believe you are paying more than your fair share of tax, then "TOM" is a solution for you. As a client, Phillip Scandizzo, the founder, will introduce you to a process that highlights all the possible strategies that are suitable to your personal, investment and business circumstances then create a tax framework that will generate meaningful tax savings.

Find out how “TOM” can help fund your investments.

Our philosophy is simple

Get organised
Get focused
Use effective tax structures

Being ORGANISED means you stay up to date, which allows you time to get FOCUSED on developing tax  strategies that can generate meaningful savings that you can INVEST. The Optimiser is designed for people who believe they are paying too much tax and want to use their tax to improve their financial position. The process identifies tax strategies that integrate between your personal, investment and business circumstances and puts real tax savings in your pocket to build a solid and secure financial future.

Our aim is to help clients achieve a combined...

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Improvement in efficiencies
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In tax savings
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In additional wealth

We can achieve this by...


When your tax and accounting stuff is organised things just get better. You don’t seem to struggle anymore. You start to move forward financially. Everything just seems to get easier not harder. Being up to date and having your finances in order puts you in a better position to make that first investment purchase or set up a better business structure, because you have removed all the stress and pressure that comes with managing your finances. With all that stuff out of the way you’ll have the time to concentrate on implementing tax planning ideas that help fund new opportunities.

Use the cloud to get organised

Speed up the process doing your tax and accounting. Using technology improves efficiencies, tasks that used to take hours, now are done in a few minutes. Technology also reduces costs, in particular the cost of record keeping fees as you are not paying an accountant expensive hourly rates to do your bookkeeping for you.

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Have accurate & reliable financial information
  • Optimise your tax deductions 

By switching to cloud accounting you save time & money

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Per month saved
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Wages saved per month

2. GETTING YOU focused on saving tax

Tax planning is a proactive process that happens all year round not just when you do your tax return. If you have not incurred the expense you just can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat and claim a deduction…”The horse has bolted” as the saying goes. It needs to be planned in advance.

Using “TOM’s” framework in a process called “The Tax Strategy Session” you can go deep into the different strategies that are available and most importantly suitable to your personal circumstances and develop a well thought out road map that optimises your tax savings on an ongoing basis.

4 Popular strategies

Negative gearing
Optimising super contribution
Property using self managed super funds
Alternative structures

This year one client saved...

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There is a great saying “When you want something, make sure someone else is paying for it!” And with our tax system in Australia you have an opportunity to have the tax system fund a significant portion of your investment costs every year.

By saving
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In tax
You could own
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In property

What our clients say

We would like to thank the team in helping us restructure our business and our SMSF and helping us steer our business and investments in a direction that will ensure profitability and success.

Rob Nobelius
Director of Nobelius Land Surveyors Pty Ltd

I have been with the firm for over 25 years and the team have always guided us strategically into investments and structures  that have provided sound financial and tax outcomes.

Steve Mitchell

The Advice and support we have received from Concepts & Results has been quite dramatic in the way it has changed our lives and business and we have just begun to explore potential opportunities.

Craig Rutledge
Director Outdoor Steel Solutions

Thinking of changing accountants?

It could not be a better time to start doing what your accountant should have done years ago.